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  I'm a gimp user,and I've used gimp from 2.8.xx, I see 2.10.10 is better than before,but the 
non-destructive edit is not come yet. 
  I think non-destructive edit is a very important function in photo manipulation, and...Krita can do 
it..just soso...but it's based on Qt, so may can not be refered...
  but today I found a opensource software named photoflow, It's writed by gtk too. And its curve, hue  
tools ,balabla..process speed is quick than gimp, most important, It's a  non-destructive edit in photo. 
So, may gimp can learn from its code in non-destructive edit? 

The processing engines used by PhotoFlow and GIMP are very different (VIPS in one case, BABL/GEGL in the 
other, to make it simple…), so porting the non-destructive infrastructure from one to the other is very 
difficult… however, PhotoFlow exists as a GIMP plug-in, therefore you can actually take advantage of both!

Regards, Andrea


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