[Gimp-developer] the blur/smudge was better in 2.8

I've redownloaded version 2.8 because i've found no way to emulate the
mathematical precision that the blur/smudge tools give me. The gradient
tool with perceptual RGB works almost as expected, somehow the blue value
goes up even though i'm trying to gradient between pure red and pure green.
Making a transition with blur/smudge from 255-0-0 to 0-255-0 (red to green)
i do not expect to get any colours where red+green > 255. I expect to find
254-1-0 followed by 253-2-0 followed by 252-3-0 etc. This feature is
extremely important to me because of a shader i wrote that reads colour
values mathematically. So, if i get a vote, please reintroduce the old way
to blur. Here is an image with blur and smudge examples. The top half is
what i desire, it's using blur/smudge from 2.8 resulting in colour values
where R+G+B is very close to 255. The bottom half is far too yellow, those
colour values are close to 200-200 which is far greater than the 255 i

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