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It seems to me - I could be wrong - that it would be very easy to add a line to the palette files that specifies the babl format, perhaps even the babl format with space, that would allow, for example, user A to save 8-bit sRGB indexed image RGB channel values along with the Alpha channel values, and user B to save 32f LCh values with no Alpha channel information, and etc. And then add code that "decodes" the palette color entries according to the babl format. Yes? No?

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On 03/08/2019 04:44 PM, Elle Stone wrote:
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In these two GIMP bug reports:

* Support for high bit depth RGB (and LCH?) color palettes for painting

* Add support for Swatchbooker's SBZ colour palette format

are discussions regarding either *converting* GIMP code to use SwatchBooker for high bit depth color palettes, or else *keeping* GIMP GPL palette code (updated to use floating point), and also adding support for importing/exporting SwatchBooker color palettes.

Here's the current git repository for SwatchBooker, maintained by Olivier Berten:

Adding support for importing/exporting SwatchBooker color palettes seems like a really good idea for reasons given by "Christoph S" in bug #2011.

But converting all GIMP color palette code to use SwatchBooker maybe isn't such a good idea given the reality that maintainers of various free/libre projects do come and go as their lives place various demands on time and energy.

Anyway, I did write some barebones working code to convert GIMP color palette code from 8-bit integer to floating point. Details and the patches are in bug #1328.

My floating point palette code isn't finished. Well, it's sufficiently finished for my own needs. But I drastically simplified the palette code by removing everything except the core code for opening and saving a palette to/from a GPL file. Otherwise I'd still by trying to figure out which of the many the palette-related files/functions/variables does what.

If the GIMP team reaches a consensus to *keep* GIMP's GPL palette code and just update it to be floating point (and of course add support for importing/exporting SwatchBooker assets) - instead of *replacing* GIMP's GPL palette code with SwatchBooker - then I'd go ahead and try to add back into my working patch the various non-core palette functions that I removed to make it easier to figure out the core palette code.

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