[Gimp-developer] Issue building Gimp from GIT

Hello, Everyone

I am running Fedora 30 and attempting to build, install & eventually run GIMP from GIT. It builds & installs without error. But when I attempt to run it I get the following:

[steve@afolkey2 bin]$ ./gimp-2.99
./gimp-2.99: error while loading shared libraries: libjson-c.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Obviously the error itself makes perfect sense. Fedora 30 has libjson-c.so.4, not libjson-c.so.2

So the question is, why does GIMP compile and install with libjson-c.so.2 not installed, but it won't run. I would assume that if a file that GIMP requires if it is not going to crash is not present, that GIMP would not compile. Also, what can I do to get this to work.

I know that I do not need to compile GIMP from GIT. I just enjoy doing it. I further understand that the issue could be with Fedora 30 or me.

Thank you,

Steven P. Ulrick

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