[Gimp-developer] Editing last stroke / modification through gimp plugins

Hey all. I have been writing small plugins using the python engine for
quite a while, it is very nice and I appreciate the great batch
functionality available.

I am interested in writing some functionality that deals with working with
the last brushstroke. Ideally, I would be able to enable my plugin and it
applies to all brush strokes (individually) until I turn it off, but I
would also settle for just running it with a hotkey after making a stroke.
I know these states must be stored somewhere because they are in the undo
history. So far the only equivalent I have been able to come up with is to
run a background thread that iterated over the canvas repeatedly to check
if there are any deltas, and wait until no more are found, but obviously
this is inefficient and inaccurate. Is there a better way available

I am usually using python-fu style but I have also used the scheme engine
for a few projects.

Thanks for your help.

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