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Hi Ivan,

from the official FAQ:

Can I use GIMP commercially?
Yes, you can. GIMP is free software, it doesn’t put restrictions on
the kind of work you produce with it.

And if you save money with Gimp, feel free to donate some of the saved money:


Am Di., 19. Feb. 2019 um 16:04 Uhr schrieb Edgar Iván López via
gimp-developer-list <gimp-developer-list gnome org>:


My name is Ivan Lopez and I have been using your amazing software for a
while now.

I have a question, and want to apologize in advance in case this is not the
correct place to send a message to.

I have recently been working on the company communication area and have
proposed to my manager that we change from our editing software (MS
PowerPoint) to GIMP, since we sometimes need to cut and apply corrections
to some images.

We contacted HQ and it told us there would be no problem changing, but it
asked for us to contact the software's company for confirmation of usage in
business environments.

We do not sell ads or things related, the only thing we would use your
software for is in-company communication of events photos, meetings,
posters and so on.

I would very much appreciate your response, and wish for you to keep up the
great work!

Best regards,

Ivan Lopez,
HR Specialist
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