[Gimp-developer] Heads up

Hi, i am a gimp user currently taking a class on this software. While doing my class i came across a bug in 
2.10.14 windows 10. After doing some research i have discovered that this bug has been acknowledged and a fix 
has been made for the next release. I am not aware if it matters but i just wanted to let the developers know 
that this bug isn't limited to the Optimize for Gif filter. It also occurs when using Crop to content or even 
floating a selection and anchoring it to a new layer. When using the animation playback in Replace mode, 
(combine works fine) all layers that are a different size than the canvas will be moved to upper left corner 
and weird lines will occur during frame movement. This is easily replicated if needed. Currently the only way 
i can find to use replace mode is to make all layers fit to canvas. Hope i could help, the link i found for 
the bug is posted below.

Animation optimize for GIF moves layers to top left corner (#4209) · Issues · GNOME / GIMP

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Animation optimize for GIF moves layers...

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