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On 08/11/2019 04:34 PM, Elle Stone wrote:
On 07/30/2019 09:07 AM, Elle Stone wrote:

On approximately 08/11/2019, Steve Pricks wrote:
(text below copied from Nabble)
However, I have not seen buttons like these in any other image editing software, neither commercial nor free/libre (not even in RT with its technology filled GUI).

An actually helpful evaluation of and suggestions for improving the histogram buttons does require a good understanding of how GIMP works "under the hood".

* Many operations (eg Normal/Addition?Subtract/Multiply/Divide blend modes (and a few other blend modes), Gaussian and other blurs, down-scaling, Exposure, radiometrically meaningful Levels adjustments including white balancing, Channel mixing, conversions to Luminance black and white - the list goes on and on) *require* being done on linear RGB to avoid "gamma" artifacts and produce radiometrically correct results.

* Many other operations are *designed* to work on perceptually uniform RGB, for which purpose GIMP uses the sRGB TRC instead of the more appropriate (imho) Lab "L" TRC. These operations include Luma conversions to black and white, plus various layer blend modes such as Soft Light/Hard Light/Screen/Burn/etc, plus no doubt a plethora of legacy operations and plug-ins.

Either way, and unlike various other editing programs, GIMP does the appropriate transform between linear and perceptual encoding "under the hood" to produce correct results, with "correct" defined for each operation. This is one reason (not the only reason) for the two buttons (linear and perceptual) in GIMP-2.10.

I'm assuming based on preliminary testing - and hopefully Pippin will correct me if I'm wrong - that the third button in GIMP-2.99 is to accomodate use cases such as opening a ProPhotoRGB image encoded using gamma=1.8 TRC, and wanting to produce results that match PhotoShop when the "linear" option is disabled in the PS Color Management settings. As an aside, please note: "linear" option in PS CM settings doesn't affect all 16-bit editing operations, and 32f editing in PS is handled somewhat differently than 16-bit integer editing. See this article and try the tests using PhotoShop at various bit depths:

That's all I can write right now. Hope it helps. I'll try to continue responding to your post tomorrow or hopefully later today.


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