Re: [Gimp-developer] Doing without pygtk ?

On Sun, Aug 04, 2019 at 08:18:26PM +0100, Ken Moffat via gimp-developer-list wrote:
Everyone knows that python2 is reaching end of life, but until now
pygtk-2 (which seems to be unmaintained) has continued to build.
But now pango is under more-active maintenance, and using harfbuzz
(which is a good thing).  Unfortunately, as part of the changes in
pango-1.44 to move to hb, a _lot_ of things from pango headers have
moved into private headers which do not get installed.

At the risk of offending people who want to use python2 with gimp:
is it practical to build gimp-2.10 without pygtk-2 ?

Builds fine with --disable-python.  Whether all users will find it
usable is a different matter ;-)

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