Re: [Gimp-developer] Regressions

On 09/30/18 03:32, Diogo Piçarra via gimp-developer-list wrote:
Please create "regression" and "data loss" tags on gitlab. Make them
topmost priority and fix all regressions, data losses and most crashes
before releasing a new "stable" version.
Or use the money you just got to hire somebody to do that.
Maybe starting with this:
This is "totally unacceptable" and probably easy to fix but it's not fixed yet.

While I have created the bug report, I don't think this one is a major issue. There are work-arounds (in most cases you can just flip the path..., and there are also scripts to reverse the path direction).

Gimp is mostly community-based, and the community isn't helping much. The code change that creates the bug is two years old, so this bug has been around in the 2.9 version and the 2.10 release candidates,  and no one encountered it? Reporting bugs is a service to developers... It's almost a way to thank them :)

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