Re: [Gimp-developer] Errors in python importing modules

On 09/18/18 08:28, Paco Garcia via gimp-developer-list wrote:
All the scripts in python that worked in previous versions of gimp have
stopped doing so in the new ones, the problem seems to be that there is
some change when importing external classes, there has been some change in the code that makes the call to external modules be different? In what way do you have to use "import" to make it work? There is some way to debug the
scripts using "--verbose" that returns more information about the error
than the one provided by the generic message "gimp-wire-read (): error"
Thanks in advance for any help to solve the problems.
Script that fails:

Plenty of Python script still work... There is a problem in Windows with Python plugins that have their own UI written with pygtk, where you now need to import gimp stuff before pyGTK. In the mentioned script, I see "import gtk, gimpui,..." and maybe these should be reversed.


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