[Gimp-developer] Plugin question: Is it appropriate for GIMP?

I want to create an editor that will allow users to ultimately create web forms.

I want to load an image of an existing paper form (.png / jpg / pdf )
and then draw objects over the image.
The objects would be Checkboxes, text fields, etc...  The kinds of
things that you would see on a Adobe Acrobat PDF with fillable fields.
The attributes would be position (x,y), text size, font, etc...
The position of the field/objects is critical, as they have to fit
over the existing paper form.

By creating objects in GIMP, they could be moved around to match the
underlying image and take advantage of the existing tools - snap to
grid, etc..

Finally, when all the objects are created, the user would generate the
corresponding html file, including the input fields.
<input name="Pat_Nam" id="Pat_Nam" type="text" class="noborder"
style="position:absolute; left:428px;  top:28px; width:280px;
height:20px;" oscarDB=first_last_name >
<input name="HIN_No"  id="HIN_No"  type="text" class="noborder"
style="position:absolute; left:428px;  top:60px; width:143px;
height:20px;" oscarDB=hinc >

Why GIMP? The system I am writing this for is an Open Source EMR
(Electronic Medical Records) system and I don't want to reinvent the
wheel.  We have hundreds of these forms and need to constantly update

All the other 'web form creation' tools like Orbeon are not completely
Open Source..

If you want to see the types of forms we need to generate, see the
following site:

The probable first step would be to write something that would parse
existing html forms (we have lots) and create the objects in GIMP...

Does this seem doable?
If not, can you recommend another solution?

Thanks in advance...

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