[Gimp-developer] build.gimp.org re-architecture complete

Hello all,
Announcing a new release of https://build.gimp.org/

Here's an announcement tweet from twitter

Key features:

   - Branches now show up clearly in the UI.  For example:
   - New Jenkins UI (Blue Ocean) which nicely renders build pipelines.  For

The GIMP build server has also been re-designed so that anybody can run it
from their local computer if they desire.

Key repositories include:

   - https://github.com/gimp-ci/jenkins-os-packages - The Jenkins operating
   system packages used on build.gimp.org.  These are immutable packages
   which contain all Jenkins plugins included.
   - https://github.com/gimp-ci/docker-jenkins-gimp This repository
   contains the shell scripts used to build GIMP and its dependencies.  It is
   also the source for the Docker container in which GIMP and all of its
   dependencies are built.  An official image has also been published to
   docker hub https://hub.docker.com/r/gimp/gimp/
   - https://github.com/gimp-ci/jenkins-dsl - The source for all Jenkins
   jobs and pipelines used to build GIMP and its dependencies.

There is also a documentation repository but it needs to be updated.  I'll
be working on updating all of the documentation next in case someone really
does to run a copy of their own build system themselves.

Bonus tweet: running the three latest major versions of GIMP from their
development branches.  All on the same computer and within Docker
containers.  https://twitter.com/sag47/status/998641858065588224

That's all for now,

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