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            Hello everyone!

            We are going to release GIMP 2.10.2 with many bug fixes and
            even a few new
            features on the (hopeful) date of 2018/05/20.

        Any hope to get documentation about Gimp-2.10 new .xcf format?
        This one is obsolete

    Indeed, the XCF doc has not been much updated these last year.

    I have just now updated a bit the docs for:
    - zlib compression (which is now a possible internal tile
    - new layer modes;
    - update in the header with the "precision" field.

    See the recent log commits:

    There is at least one more update relative to group mask. I will do
    this tomorrow.
    There are also some changes relative to endianness, but I'll have to
    dig deeper (it looks like it was only a bug which would have touched
    some development XCF format only).

    I will complete the docs with these 2 more information tomorrow. Now
    I'll go to bed!

        Digikam / Kimageformats  can't display new .xcf thumnails
        created with Gimp-2.10. It seems developers need this
        documentation to solve bug.

    Give them this link:

P.S.: actually I gave the link on the bugtracker myself! :-)

     From the contents of recent commits, they will be able to easily
    find the differences. That is enough to start until I complete the
    It's not that much change, format-wise (though it may be quite some
    work, because of the many new layer modes). :-)
    Thanks for reminding us.

Great! Thanks for all these useful informations and all your work on Gimp.

I did more updates to the docs. For the record, I *think* the docs is now
up-to-date with all new changes in the XCF format.
If anyone thinks some stuff are still wrong in the docs, please feel free
to open bug reports (rather than emails which I may miss) explaining the
parts where things are still unclear or not right when compared to actual
XCF files.


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