Re: [Gimp-developer] MacOS-Build, maybe I could help?

Am 15.05.18 um 10:47 schrieb Kristian Rietveld:
On 12 May 2018, at 14:00, Philip Lehmann-Böhm <philip philiplb de> wrote:

I've read in the FAQs that the guy with the Mac is a bit busy at the moment and so there is hardly any time 
left for creating the DMG. Maybe I could help here and do the build? I would just need some directions what 
is needed to compile and build the package.
How we have been building the DMG up till now is documented in git:

This is now a little outdated because I have been working on fully automating this process when I still had 
some spare time. This work is in fact almost complete. I am trying to find the time to upload this work into 
git. It will consist of a Python script that will automatically build all components and create the DMG and 
some documentation on how to setup the environment within which to launch this Python script.

Note that this concerns GIMP 2.8. There are no instructions for 2.10 yet. My plan was to work on making the 
necessary changes to the script and moduleset to build 2.10 as soon as the work for 2.8 has been published in 



Hi Kris,

automating the build process seems like a good idea. :)

Is there anything I could do in the meantime? Like adjusting the Python script to 2.10?

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