Re: [Gimp-developer] Rectangle selection tool - fixes and more

Hi Samuel.

Samuel Rats (samuel rats gmail com) wrote:
I noticed a TODO in the code of the rectangle selection tool, about
changing the internal representation of the selection zone from gdouble
((x1, y1), (x2, y2)) to gint (x1, y1) + width & height.
So, that's basically what I did. Since then, I'm not able to reproduce
either of the bugs.

Thanks for investigating this issue!

I couldn't find information on the gimp wiki on how to send a patch for
review, so I'm asking here: what should I do with it?
Should I send it here, by email? Should I push a branch somewhere?
Something else?

Basically the best method is, to attach the patch to a bug report,
either open a new bug or reuse the one you mention.

Also please feel free to pester us on IRC (#gimp on about
this issue...  :-)


              simon budig de    

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