[Gimp-developer] GEGL swap swallowed my $HOME partition and then froze GIMP solid

Hi All,

I filed a bug report with GEGL because while I was using GIMP, GEGL created a 147GiB swap file on my $HOME partition, in the process using up every scrap of free space on the partition, and then GEGL popped up a notice saying that it couldn't continue writing to swap as there was no more space:


I wasn't sure whether to file the bug with GEGL or with GIMP, because obviously this bug affects GIMP, in fact froze my computer, I had to press the button on the front of the box to shut down Linux, and so of course lost all the work I'd done since the last save.

My machine has 32GB RAM, so I changed my "start GIMP" file to include the lines:

export GEGL_SWAP

But this won't be an option for people who don't have a lot of RAM.

Does anyone know, did GEGL create this huge swap file in one editing session? Or does GEGL keep adding to the original swap file that it created who knows how long ago? I could remove the lines telling GEGL to use RAM as swap space and see what happens, but I'm loathe to risk a repeat of having GIMP and my entire computer freeze up.


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