[Gimp-developer] bug when trying to edit color channels of a transparent image

the issue here is when opening a transparent image, the color channels
don't show the full color info, see here:

here's the very same PNG opened in MS Paint: (expected when hiding the
alpha channel)

if everything was correct, the color channels would display the yellow and
red around the eye.
just because the image is transparent doesn't mean the colors don't affect
the model it's applied to.

but what's even more of an issue is I'm trying to edit out the red circle
as I want what's hidden to be fully yellow,
but the only way I can seem to achieve that is to pull the alpha channel
from the image and make the image fully opaque before editing the colors as
hiding the alpha channel makes the entire image transparent.

getting the alpha channel seems to be anything but easy as well as hiding
the RGB channels makes the entire image black, rather than just displaying
the alpha mask between black and white.

so yeah... few bugs there actually... hopefully things can be
improved/fixed soon :)

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