Re: [Gimp-developer] Python 3 support.

Hi -

It is currently Python 2 only - as GIMP 2.10 is using gtk2.0, and there are no
working bindings from Python 3 to classic gtk 2 (non gobject introspection),
and man time shortage in this area, GIMP won't be upgrading it for the
launch of GIMP 2.10. Also, there is the need of avoiding breaking compatibility
with plug-ins taht work on GIMP 2.x versions, including Python plug-ins.

If we can gather some enthusiasts we could start a work on Python 3 +
gobject introspection and
Python 3 in the tree, that possibly could work as a standalone plug-in
for GIMP 2.10 (and be ready
for GIMP 2.12 - 3.0)


On 16 January 2018 at 12:46, Josef Ridky <jridky redhat com> wrote:
Hi developers,

I would like to ask, how is it with Python 3 support in gimp-2.8 and gimp-2.9?
Is it supported or is required Python 2 only.

Best regards,

Josef Ridky
Associate Software Engineer
Core Services Team
Red Hat Czech, s.r.o.

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