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On Sun, 2017-12-31 at 15:17 +0100, p144a kabsi at wrote:

I am developing a Gimp plugin in C and have a question, but if this
is not
the right place to ask, please tell me so and accept my apology.

The plugin requires the user to select a color, but i can't figure
out the
correct way to do it. In lack of better knowledge i am using a field
type GimpRGB for the struct that holds the plugin options and the
GimpParamDef in the query() function has an entry that looks like
    "inside color",
    "Inside color"

In the run() function i set the color field of the option like this:
  options.inside_color = param[ PARAM_INSIDE_COLOR ].data.d_color;

Again in lack of better knowledge, my function that builds the dialog
chosing options uses a GtkColorButton
for the user to pick a color and i connect the signal "color_set" in
following way to a callback which is defined like this:

  static void color_set( GtkColorButton *button, gpointer data ) {
    gtk_color_button_get_color( button, data );

and when building the dialog i connect it like this:
g_signal_connect( color_button, "color_set", G_CALLBACK( color_set ),
&options.inside_color );

The gimptool compiles my plugin and it is registered and runs as
in the Gimp.

However, when building the dialog, i try to set the color that was
in he options from a previous run like this:

  gtk_color_button_set_color( ( GtkColorButton * ) color_button,
&options.inside_color );

the gimptool gives me a warning:
  expected ‘const struct GdkColor *’ but argument is of type ‘struct
GimpRGB *’

When googling for help i read that GdkColor is deprecated?? and i
want to
ask you for the correct and preferred way of doing this.

You would simply use a GimpColorButton and gimp_color_button_new()


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