[Gimp-developer] File-Rawtherapee

Platform Windows 10, 64bit

I'm stumped in terms of using RawTherapee (RT) as the default raw editor
within GIMP. The RT version in question is 5.4.

In checking the source file-rawtherapee.c, I see that the function
"file_raw_get_executable_path" will return the exe_path using the
environment variable "RAWTHERAPEE_EXECUTABLE" or as a last resort, using
Windows PATH environment variable. It does not utilize the Windows registry.

I'm not sure what the format for the environment variable is, while adding
the folder where RT is installed to the PATH variable results in a command
prompt during GIMP startup process and will not go away till you "Press any
key" and RT is not found.

Unlike darktable, there are no debugging abilities built into

I suspect it works on Linux boxes since g_spawn utility probably outputs to
the default stdout.


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