[Gimp-developer] (Future) Implementations of Gimp Color Palettes

I today received some Photoshop Files including Photoshop Color Palettes (aka Color Swatches). When I looked 
into the structure of these Files, I came up with the idea to write a GIMP Import/Export Plugin to read these 
files directly into GIMP.
These Photoshop Palette Files store Colors in many arbitrary Color Models (mostly CMYK, though).
However, as far as I can see, GIMP stores Colors in Palettes only as 24-Bit RGB values.
I therefore assume this still is a remainder of the pre-babl/pre-gegl era of GIMP.
A quick search within the Archives of the Mailing List and the Roadmap didn't give me any clues about how 
Color Palettes in future GIMP versions are planned to be implemented.
Are there any documents, plans, thoughts or ideas available on this topic yet?


Tobias Vogel

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