[Gimp-developer] Bug report in Levels control

The Levels control (the dialog box you get with Ctrl+L) has a bug. When you
select Value for the channel, it is supposed to have a histogram which is
based on all of the color channels combined. However, this bug causes the
Value channel for the histogram to only consider the green channel. The
result is that when you select either Value or Green for the color channel,
you get identical histograms. The levels sliders themselves work correctly.
It's just the histogram that has the problem.

This bug is present in the latest beta/development version (at the time I
wrote this email) of Gimp.
That is version 2.9.4 commit 5afea2f
Note that I'm using the Windows version of Gimp, not the Linux version (not
sure if there are any differences between these 2 in functionality).

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