Re: [Gimp-developer] Feature-Request

This has always bothered me as well. We can reorganize our panels why can't
we reorder our images. Sometimes I open images in a weird order and I would
like to reorder them but I can't. So I either have to close them and reopen
them or deal with it and be annoyed. And because the former takes to long I
just deal with the latter and am annoyed until the job is done. Which
really is a bad thing for the software that is supposed to help you get a
job done to do.

On Oct 24, 2017 15:07, "Cubic Creations" <voxfoxarts gmail com> wrote:

Hello, I have a small feature request:

I frequently use single window mode on my computer and I love how on
PDN you can drag and drop the files to reorganize them. I'd appreciate it
if this was added in a future update, thanks!

TLDR: drag and drop files to reorder in single-window mode
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