Re: [Gimp-developer] Adding LAB support to GIMP

On Thu, Nov 30, 2017 at 2:44 PM Elle Stone wrote:

It seems to me that full LAB support would require:

* The option to open images that are in the LAB color space, keeping in
mind that there are various LAB color space ICC profiles floating
around, and some LAB images don't have any embedded ICC profile, but
instead just have metadata that indicates the color space.
     Upon opening a LAB image, it could be immediately converted to RGB
for processing, as the conversions from RGB to LAB or LCH for further
processing in these color spaces are already handled by babl.

So you are not in the scene referred / display referred camp now? :)

* The ability to do Curves and Levels operations on the LAB channels and
perhaps on the CH channels.

We briefly discussed this on #gimp a while ago, it's seems to be doable
presently already (but is likely to be somewhat slow).

* Adding L/A/B/C/H histograms to the Histograms dialog: We already have
Luminance in the histograms dialog. Lightness is just the perceptually
uniform transform of Luminance.

Admittedly, I got sidetracked from this.

What else might be required to add full support for the LAB space to GIMP?

There's probably a place for LAB/LCH-specific tools, like some iops in
darktable (e.g. color contrast, CLUT, and especially color zones).

Personally, I'm also a big fan of conditional blending (as available in
both darktable and e.g. Photoshop). In darktable, it operates on LAB

In Photoshop, it appears to work on whatever channels as per current color


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