[Gimp-developer] GMIC filter Freaky Details broken in latest GIMP

Apologies if this isn't the place, but the otto-kesselgulasch ppa bug tracker doesn't seem active, and IIRC the maintainer has generously responded to issues here in the past:

On GIMP 2.9.5 (commit 6aaf66700, from otto-kesselgulasch) on Kubuntu 16.10 with GMIC 2.0.0, effect Details -> Freaky details seems to be broken:

   |*** Error in
   *** Unknown command or filename '-m *' (did you mean '-m'?).|

I asked at the GMIC github, and dtschump replied:

   Recently in G'MIC 2.0.0_pre, the command |-**| has been replaced by
   |-m*|, and the filter update as been updated consequently. I believe
   that if you run an older preversion of of 2.0.0_pre (as probably the
   one in otto's PPA), you'll get this kind of error yes.

Unless I'm misunderstanding, it sounds like perhaps the GMIC in the PPA needs updating?



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