[Gimp-developer] script recording

I am working on a script recorder for GIMP. I actually have a small grant
for this from ORI.

1) I am trying to do a basic thing - determine the files that are opened
for image source and image export. I found the name of the source file. I
am now working on the export file name.
a) This is done as best I can tell with a number of save_image calls. These
all are in different places related to image encoding (jpeg, png, etc). I
assume this is sort of an overloaded subroutine call. I cannot find where
the save_image call is made. Once the name of the file is determined in the
Export dialog, how is save_image called? And specifically where is the
export dialog?

2) Is there a meta-level description of the GIMP event loop? This would be
a listing of the main event handler, and a listing of what is called for
each event which is raised in the event loop.

Paul A. Thompson, Ph.D., PSTAT

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