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Am Samstag, 24. Juni 2017, 19:39:58 CEST schrieb Ofnuts:
On 06/23/17 14:14, Bert de Jong wrote:
When saving a JPG, please warn if there is transparency.
Currently GIMP saves such images without warnings and just uses the
current background color.
I think a lot of people do not use XCF and are used to saving
transparency to PNG and GIF files.

I think it's customary for GIMP to warn when operations initiated by
the user will be performed slightly different than the user might
An example is when scaling indexed images.
It then says: "Indexed color layers are always scaled without
interpolation. The chosen interpolation type will affect channels and
layer masks only."


Given the number of times I've seen people complaining about the loss of
transparency, that would be a good idea.

What Gimp could have is either a counter of the number of times a
warning has been issued (and stop issuing it after a while)

That sounds like a bad idea. People will rely on the warning to be there so 
they can cancel the export and do something appropriate. Suddenly stopping to 
show it will make them complain.

or a "Don't
tell me again" checkbox.


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