Re: [Gimp-developer] Enhanced smudge tool : Smudge with painting

One more thing: can we credit you (log and AUTHORS) with a real
name, or do you prefer to stay anonymous (which is perfectly fine

Use shark0r, this is the username I used on the internet.

Another work was done.
Patch (includes two patches I posted in April)

--Besides current foreground color, now it supports color from gradients and color brushes. --In smudge tool's options -> Dynamics Options, add Color Options to control gradients.
--Fit the coding standards.

Their priority is the same as other paintbrush tools
-If gradient is activated by brush dynamics, use gradient.
-Else if current brush is a color brush, use its color.
-Else it uses foreground colot.

About this smudge painting tool the last work is "gimp-smudge" script procedure.

And about optional and (IMO)less important ideas mentioned before, if no one has requirements, I will not work on them.
--UI text suggestions.
--Supports blend modes other than normal. (Difficult to implement)
--Implement "No erasing effect"(Don't decrease alpha of existing pixels) as layer property.

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