[Gimp-developer] Default templates update


New 'templates-update' branch features updated list of document
templates contributed by Klaus Stadtler and originally available in
his 'icons-wip' branch. It is, however, not a verbatim copy of the
list that Klaus submitted. Here are the changes:

- no more NTSC/PAL video templates (people don't really seem to do
that stuff much anymore),
- a smaller selection of display and video frame size templates (only
most popular ones),
- web banners are restricted to the 5 ones that Google AdSense
currently recommends.

Especially regarding video frame sizes, I've seen
http://unravel.com.au/files/Unravel_Resolution_CheatSheet.pdf, and
that road the madness lies :) Unless we introduce some sort of
'template family' categorization or a search box, my suggestion would
be to stick to a limited set of templates that are of use to most

I don't feel particularly good about "promoting" particular brands
(Apple/Samsung's stuff), and I'm not sure whether trademarks apply,
but if it proves to be useful to end-users, so be it.

Additionally, I would drop the toilet paper template at the risk of
being ridiculed by more chilled-out team members, but that's just a
suggestion :)

Also, the master branch now features a small selection of presets for
the Crop tool. Personally, I very much hope that we can also get an
updated selection of painting presets/brushes/dynamics by Americo et


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