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2017-01-26 17:54 GMT+03:00, Giacomo Marzi <giacomo marzi unifi it>:
I am Giacomo Marzi, doctoral student in Management at University of Pisa
(IT) and University of Florence (IT). I am writing to propose your
participation in a short online questionnaire carried out by University
of Florence (IT), Stockholm School of Economics (SE) and Polytechnic of
Milan (IT) in where we would analyze when a developer is coding beyond
what is required by the customer or the market need.

What is our proposal?
We would like to involve your community in a survey, asking around 50
questions which do not take more than 10 minutes about the developer’s
coding style and how they manage complexity in development. The
questions are general and they do not involve sensitive or private
information. The anonymous results of this project will be diffused
through conferences and scientific publications.

What we offer in return?
The results will be presented in a brief executive summary that you can
share with your community to make them aware about several issues
involving coding and how methodology such as AGILE or SCRUM could reduce
the excess of complexity.

Please consider that the survey is completely anonymous and all
information that you provide will be kept strictly confidential.
You can see my publication in ResearchGate
( or in my LinkedIn
profile (

I am awaiting your kindly reply.

Yours faithfully,
Giacomo Marzi
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