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Hello devs,
sorry for the trivial question.

Is there any special linguistic reason behind the choice to have so many
nearly the same messages like this:

in /app/actions/layers-actions.c:45

"Layer Color Tag: Set to ...."

and the corresponding color:


msgid "...."


No linguistic reason, no. Just I haven't thought better.
We still need to have a longer message in the tooltip so that we can
have a better understand of the action because the name is just a
color (which is pretty not descriptive), and even more because there
are several similar actions (set layer color tag, set channel color
tag…). And the similarity of the message helps to associate them as
similar actions, especially in some out-of-menu context (i.e. the
action search) where just reading "Red" would be a pretty
non-descriptive information on an action.

But it's true that ideally we could/should factorize the strings to
not repeat the same text base.

Why not just a

Layer Color Tag: Set to %s"


This would indeed be better, indeed.
Now there is a technical difficulty. These strings are not in a
printf-style gettext call. They are in an initialization array for
action entries with a given non-printf format. We could theoretically
change the struct GimpEnumActionEntry to allow for some
printf-formatted string, and consequently change as well the function
Of course if we did this, we should do the same to other
Gimp*ActionEntry (and association add_*_actions() functions) to be

Basically I feel that would be a lot of boring work for limited
advantage IMO. :-/



Marco Ciampa

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