[Gimp-developer] wavelet-decompose


looking at the console output when running gimp 2.9.5 I realized that 2.9 now
comes with a built-in wavelet-decompose plugin.
I got a warning/notice that it is ignored because of a version in my user
config.  The one I have is from the Plugin Registry,
http://registry.gimp.org/node/11742   (C) 2008 Marco Rossini

The one in 2.9 seems to be a different one (less options, other author), and
also is much slower (factor 4-5) than the old one.  They produce similar, but
not identical results AFAICT.  Are there reasons to prefer the new one over
the older, external plug-in?

The name collision is a bit unfortunate, as it is easily going unnoticed by
users, especially if the newer one is superior.


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