Re: [Gimp-developer] high bit depth tiff issues

However not for 32 bit files, but judging from your command
line above I assume you meant 16 bit, or both gmic and gimp
are broken, who knows :)

Yeah, my g'mic example had a semantic mistake, sorry: it should have read something like:

gmic 32bit_float_input_with_range_to_65535.tif -/ 65535 -o 32bit_float_output.tif

...meaning, GIMP opens the 16bit integer stuff fine, it's the float format with an unexpected range that gives it trouble. There is a normalize operator ("-n 0,1") for g'mic, but as the g'mic developer points out, that could mess with the dynamic range, so using the divisor (-/) you can scale it appropriately. (E.g. -/ 255 if the original ranged over an 8bit scale.)

Can you please file a bug and attach the sample files?

Will do! Thanks!


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