Re: [Gimp-developer] bug? xsetwacom setting MapToOutput breaks mouse functionality in 2.9.5

...and by dint of the universal "you figure it out right after you email the list" law, I have solved it:

The problem was more than one wacom device enabled in the input device list. If I only enable the "Pen stylus" device, everything seems to work perfectly (so far).

The confusion stemmed from the fact that when using xsetwacom I have to use the other devices ("Pad pad" and "Finger touch") to work with specific properties, so I assumed I needed to enable them in gimp to have them work there as well. Not the case.

Sorry to bother.


On 04/06/2017 12:20 AM, Casey Connor wrote:
Hi -- I use three monitors. My wacom tablet works great, and I can also use my mouse to draw in the GIMP image window. When I try to map the tablet to a single screen (with my image window) it breaks the ability of the mouse to draw on the image.


xsetwacom --set "Wacom Intuos PT S 2 Pen stylus" MapToOutput next

...maps the tablet to the single screen appropriately, and the tablet continues to work great, but the mouse can no longer be used to draw on the image (it works fine for menus, tool windows, etc.) If I quit GIMP and restart it, the problem persists: tablet is fine, mouse is still broken for image editing.

If I unplug the tablet and plug it back in, everything works fine again, but the tablet is now mapped to all three screens again, and remapping it breaks the mouse again. If I MapToOutput before starting GIMP, it just breaks it at the start. Calling "MapToOutput next" repeatedly until the tablet is again mapped to all three screens also does not help: once it breaks, only unplugging the tablet will reset the buggy state.

Tested with a fresh portable AppImage from, and from the otto repository (commits 2224733 and 257a4ceb, respectively.) Kubuntu 16.10, kernel 4.8.0-46-generic, xsetwacom 0.33.0, using a Wacom Intuous Art Pen & Touch Tablet (CTH-490).

Thanks for any thoughts! I will report it as a bug unless someone has some ideas that I can try to narrow things down a bit more. Happy to do any debugging that will help -- it's so very close to working! If I can solve this last puzzle piece it'll be amazing to do photo editing. :-)


P.S. One last detail, in case it's helpful: as the mouse moves the cursor into the drawing window, it picks up the location and moves the brush outline to that location, but does not update it after that (until the next time it enters that window). Similarly, if I try to drag a guide from the ruler border, the indicator arrows (in the ruler bars) show that it is tracking the cursor location correctly, but no guides are dragging around, and none are created when the button is released. If I do the same with the tablet, it works fine and makes guides.

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