Re: [Gimp-developer] High bit depth assets to GIMP 2.10

On 10/23/2016 09:57 AM, Elle Stone wrote:
On 10/22/2016 08:50 PM, Americo Gobbo wrote:
Hi All,
Is possible discuss again the possibility to have assets in 16 and 32
bit, mainly the palettes and patterns.

On the topic of high bit depth assets, it would also be nice if the color sliders for picking colors would read out high bit depth values, either always floating point, or else as appropriate to the bit depth of the image.

Eigh-bit integer color sliders for picking colors just isn't enough precision for working with high bit depth images.

Twice I've tried to modify the relevant code, but failed because I couldn't figure out how to get past the part of the code that seems to use the size of the box to relate slider movements to the RGB values. All the relevant code uses guchar variables.


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