Re: [Gimp-developer] Proposal: rename Symbolic icon themes to Symbolic-Light and Symbolic-Dark


Wouldn't that confusion be resolved by naming them as they are meant to be used:
Symbolic-for-dark and Symbolic-for-light?

On 31.5.2016 0:35, Jehan Pagès wrote:

On Mon, May 30, 2016 at 11:04 PM, Michael Schumacher <schumaml gmx de> wrote:

in the development branch, we got two Symbolic icon themes, Symbolic and

This hints at their relationship, as one is the inverted version of the
other. For those who know how the build works, it also tells which one
is generated from the other (by means of a gegl:invert-gamma op).
Copy-paste from IRC:

22:59 < Jehan> schumaml: last time we had the discussion, the problem
which rised was: is "Symbolic dark" about dark icons (for light
themes) or the icon set for dark themes (thus light icons).
23:01 < Jehan> So we went with the idea that the "Symbolic" is simply
the default icon theme (hence the light ones for a dark theme).

Now I don't really mind going for dark/light instead. I agree with the
rest of the logics of Michael here. Yes, "Symbolic" and "Symbolic
Inverted" are not that clear either. It's just that with the split of
themes and icon themes, we felt that naming icon themes dark/light
were not that clear and obvious either.

Well I needed to state the current logics. Now I don't really care.
With the knowledge of why what is named how, you can decide what
should be the future name, if it needs to change. :-)


We also got five ui themes of different lightness and darkness, and the
user is supposed to use a combination of them suited to their own
preference and needs. I dare say many may consider light icons on darker
backgrounds or dark icons on lighter backgrounds a suitable UI design.

It is not immediately obvious to the user which icon theme is the dark
one and which is the light one, by theme name alone. There are icons in
the preferences, but there might not always be the advantage of using
them, for example when providing text-only support to a "your icons are
invisible!1!!"-type support request.

Therefore, I suggest to rename the icons themes to Symbolic-Light and
Symbolic-Dark, respectively, and keep them as such for the 2.10 release.

Other names to make the difference and the icons' appearance obvious are
possible as well, of course.

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