Re: [Gimp-developer] Ctrl-Shift-clicking your way to a new layer mask

Updated the patch to apply cleanly with latest master branch updates.

After 6 months of updates hopefully people are using since it doesn't likely it is to get commited.

On 12/30/2015 08:01 PM, Ben wrote:
I've made a patch to add the ability to add or remove a layer mask by
ctrl-clicking the layer image, the patch can be found here so far it hasn't
gotten much traction :) So i'm trying different place to get the news
out :)

Also I have now made a video to show off how much faster and in my
opinion easier way of having a better control of the layer mask for
those times where having a keyboard shortcut is impossible. The video
shows usage of ctrl-clicking to add or remove a layer mask for any
given layer and how to set a default type or use of the dialog
instead. Video is here


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