Re: [Gimp-developer] Can hitting Enter/Return twice apply changes made in popup dialogs?

Which dialogs that have Presets don't use an OK button accessible using
Alt-O ?

Not many, but there are clashes, for example Hue-Saturation Alt+O does not
work at all.
Aside from that, Alt+O is a two-handed hotkey combo, and is much more
difficult to use with a mouse in your other hand.
I'd rather not have to take my hand off the mouse every time I want to
apply the dialog I'm looking at.
It slows me down a lot, and it would be faster to just use the mouse and
click the button.



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It's always been a bit of a kink in my workflows.

You want to quickly apply the last Preset, and sure enough, hitting the
Enter/Return key after the dialog opens jumps to a preview of the last
recorded preset. <-Love this.

What I'd like to be able to do is hit Enter/Return key again to apply the

Instead, I either have to try to tab/shift+tab my way to the OK button,
click the canvas and hit Enter, or try to remember the hotkey that applies
the changes I've made for that specific dialog.

Hitting Enter/Return key twice does nothing currently in the dialog, so if
the return button is hit again, is it possible to have it just commit the
changes? This would dramatically help hotkey based workflow in GIMP.

Thanks again for all your wonderful work on GIMP!

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