Re: [Gimp-developer] New Image/Color Management option

On 05/16/2016 11:43 AM, Michael Natterer wrote:
On Mon, 2016-05-16 at 17:26 +0200, Michael Natterer wrote:

2. Relabel the option as "Assume this image is an sRGB image".
That definitely not, but I will immediately add tooltips saying that
it is the same as choosing sRGB.

Done, this should be more obvious now:

commit c0fb1362034fb4da24ee46a677f9833495ee6ca5
Author: Michael Natterer <mitch gimp org>
Date:   Mon May 16 17:41:04 2016 +0200

     app: add tooltips that mention that disabling color management ==

     Also say "better leave this enabled".

commit 335727dd267a44ac48fc4fdfa1678f7005fbb50f
Author: Michael Natterer <mitch gimp org>
Date:   Mon May 16 17:37:22 2016 +0200

     libgimpwidgets: change the tooltip of GimpColorConfig:mode

     to say "How images are displayed on screen." instead of "Mode of
     operation for color management.". The old text was never accurate.

I beg to differ. The old text was perfectly descriptive. The new text is merely vague.

Before there was ICC profile color management, when a person displayed an image on their monitor, what they saw depended entirely on their monitor, that is, on the type of phosphors (assuming a CRT) used to make colors, combined with the state of calibration of their monitor.

In other words, before ICC profile color management, everyone edited their images in their monitor's color space.

Limiting ourselves to the most basic, practical, applied level of color management - ICC profile color management of RGB images displayed on a monitor screen requires three things:

1. That the monitor be assigned an ICC display profile that describes the monitor's display characteristics.

2. That the image be assigned an ICC RGB working space profile that properly interprets (give meaning to) the image RGB values.

3. That a CMM such as LCMS be used to convert the image from the image's assigned ICC RGB working space profile to the monitor's assigned ICC display profile.

By definition, disabling ICC profile color management means the above three-listed items don't happen. Instead the image RGB values are sent directly to the screen.

The new GIMP "color management" options are *LYING* to the user.

When making a new image, unchecking "Color manage this image" does *NOT* disable color management.

When navigating to "Image/Color Management", unchecking "Enable color management" does *NOT* disable color management.

Please find another set of "UI" words for designating these new options.

Or better yet get rid of the new options as they are guaranteed to cause a great deal of confusion and misunderstanding among GIMP users.


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