Re: [Gimp-developer] Export instead save directly

Am Montag, 29. Februar 2016, 23:57:10 schrieb C R:
That would be terrible. Users not understanding the concept would suddenly
facing images where they can just save to JPEG while others can't, but PNG
still enabled (because they somehow added an alpha channel), and even
images support XCF only (maybe because the layer is bigger than the

(I used "just" in the sense of "without any further actions" and not "only".)

No, that's not what I'm suggesting. If you import a jpeg for example, do
your editing, and end up with an alpha channel somehow, the save could
still default to the .jpg (the jpeg save dialogue could display a warning
that transparency will be lost). That does not prevent the user from
requesting a .png (by specifying that extension). It also does not prevent
the user saving as an xcf either for that matter.

When closing the file, if the file is not saved as an xcf, and there is
extra data to be lost, well, the warning about it is there anyway.

But that would mean to just go back to the status quo ante, i.e., revert the 
save/export dichotomy and bring back saving to arbitrary formats.


My 2p.



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