Re: [Gimp-developer] Pencil - Tool Options and Hardness

1. I think the pencil tool should be renamed "Pixel Tool" if it's to stay
in the Tool box.
  A. Jaggies don't make for realistic simulated pencil marks
  B. There are better pencil-simulation tools in the Brush palate

I am not sure that renaming a tool that old would be a good idea. People
what to look for, and at the end of the day it's just a name. No one
it to be a realistic pencil. At least no one accustomed to the tool (see
Product Vision for the intended target audience).

I don't see anything in the Product Vision that says tools need to stay the
way they are because that's the way they've been.
Maybe a link to the specific area of the document would help me understand.

I am using the two in parallel all the time when drawing masks. The brush
the edges and the pencil to fill in the bulk. Reason: I want to be sure
anti aliasing doesn't leave half transparent areas. So I have my left hand
the keyboard to hit 'x', 'n' and 'b' and the right hand on mouse/stylus.

We (you and I), make masks the same way. I also use "d" to reset the true
black and true white for foreground and background.
'b' is the paths tool... did you mean 'p'? If you are painting a mask
inside an area, using the Pencil tool runs the risk of producing jaggies on
your nice anti-aliased edges, which is why I never use it for that.

Anyway, the effect would be the same if you switched from brush to brush
using just the paint tool, and the modifications I've mentioned.

3. The Pencil Tool could be gotten rid of entirely if #2 is done, and an
anti-aliasing checkbox is added to the brush options.

As Simon already mentioned, there are two levels of anti
aliasing/blurring/thresholding/whatever we want to call it. Would that
turn off both?

Yes. It would "snap" as Simon would say. :)

see my #4 for improving how thresholding with a gradient across a fussy
edged brush could be improved.
100% hardness would produce results more or less identical to what you get
with the Pencil tool now.


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