[Gimp-developer] mypaint brushes - gimp git master

Error opening GIMP Git Master:
$:/opt/gimp-default-master/bin$ ./gimp-2.9
This is a development version of GIMP.  Debug messages may appear here.

gimp-2.9: mypaint-brush.c:239: mypaint_brush_set_base_value: Assertion `id >= 0 && id < 
./gimp-2.9: terminated: Aborted

If you have shared the folder of mypaint brushes with GIMP Git Master... and you upload a new set... in 
MyPaint... when you try open GIMP it is aborted.
The error happens only with the sets... create a new brush in sets already present don't happens problems.
I am using MyPaint 1.2, from git and my folder brushes is in the my Home > .local/share/mypaint/brushes

The GIMP git master commit 8ac1e40
DE Gnome 3.10 - ubuntu gnome 14.04.2

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