[Gimp-developer] Fwd: Problem with exported tiffs

Sorry, forgot the link to the tiff file:


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From: Hans Petter Birkeland <hpbirkeland gmail com>
Date: 2016-01-31 20:46 GMT+01:00
Subject: Problem with exported tiffs
To: gimp-developer <gimp-developer-list gnome org>

I have been using GIMP 2.9.x on Linux Mint for a long time, mostly without
any problems. Today however, I exported a 16 bit tif file and imported it
into Darktable, just like I have done dozens of times before. I was able to
import it, but after I quit Darktable it will not open again. Starting
Darktable from terminal gives the following:

TIFFFetchNormalTag: Incorrect count for "XPosition"; tag ignored.
TIFFFetchNormalTag: Incorrect count for "YPosition"; tag ignored.
darktable: magick/error.c:911: ThrowLoggedException: Assertion `exception
!= (ExceptionInfo *) ((void *)0)' failed.
Avbrutt (SIGABRT)

If I remove the tif file from its folder, Darktable starts as normal. If
necessary, the tif file can be downloaded here:

So it seems like there is a problem either with the tif export from GIMP or
the import into Darktable. My GIMP version is 2.9.3~6-0t0~ppa. Can somebody
here tell me if this is a GIMP problem? I'll ask on the Darktable mailing
list as well.

Best regards,
Hans Petter Birkeland


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