Re: [Gimp-developer] Testers requested for our new Mac OS X DMG release!,


On  4.1.2016 at 9:23 AM Kristian Rietveld wrote:

On 31 Dec 2015, at 14:13, scl <scl gplus gmail com> wrote:

And the steps after that are to automate the process

This reminds me of my attempts to integrate an OS X build slave
into the Jenkins continuous build environment. Sam Gleske or
Tobias Vogel might be able to tell you more about the current state.

We’ve been in contact with Tobias indeed.

And to which result?

- @GIMP team: I remember that at the time I was more active
new versions came out of a sudden when Mitch had time to
bump a release and the releases were made later. This has the
effect that users who read the announcement have to wait
again and thus are disappointed after a long period of waiting
for a release.
How about reorganizing the process of release builds and
version announcements by
1. negotiating a release date internally,
2. completing the release docs (NEWS,
3. bumping the version number,
4. making and testing the builds and
5. as last step announcing the release?

More coordinated releases would be a good thing to have IMHO. Releasing Windows & Mac binaries and perhaps 
Debian/Ubuntu and Fedora packages at the same time as a new tarball release would be great.

Lately I heard of AppImages, self-contained application packages like
apps or dmg, but for Linux.
For the Ubuntu part I think all it takes is to contact "Otto Kesselgulasch", the maintainer of the GIMP PPA on Ubuntu.
Perhaps staying in touch with the package maintainers of other
distros could be helpful.



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