[Gimp-developer] LGM ideas: Short video for the GIMP project?

I'm working on some proposals for talks this weekend. These are things I
can talk about as a graphic designer who works with opensource software as
a primary toolset. GIMP will be featured in several of these talks, but I
also desire to help the GIMP Project with any materials and ideas for

What I'd like is to have (for the GIMP Project)  is a series of short
videos where our current contributors to the project talk about what
motivates them to contribute to Libre software. I will then compile these
into a video (5-10 minute) video about GIMP to present at LGM. This is a
way for some of us who can not make it to London to talk about their role
in GIMP as a developer and/or professional user.

To make it easy for the camera-shy among us, I'd suggest we do it in a
format that resembles this mini commercial I did recently for a small
Italian Restaurant:


Something to notice is that the question comes up as text in the video
rather than having a presenter ask questions, which makes it easy to ask
and answer the questions as a regular conversation, rather than just an
interview. Notice at no time did Carlo (who is tremendously camera-shy)
have to look at the camera. He was always looking at me (off camera), and
just answering my questions while ignoring the camera entirely. In this way
I'm able to mix in relevant graphics, and cover mistakes or pauses to
produce a professional quality edit with key points of interest.

I will provide all editing, compositing, music, captioning (in the case
where translation is needed).
All materials will be provided in open formats as well for your tinkering

Any interest in this idea?


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