Re: [Gimp-developer] A new gimp plugin for extraction of image regions

On 02/19/2016 04:51 AM, Bérengère Mathieu wrote:

I am a Phd student in computer vision. I work within TCI research team at IRIT 
( During the last months I have proposed and implemented as a gimp plugin a new 
interactive segmentation method: from a few strokes drawn by a human user over an image, this method extracts 
relevant semantic objects and create a new layer with corresponding regions. I know that a similar method, 
SIOX, has been integrated recently to GIMP. I think you should be interested by my work.

All information  are available here, with the source code :

Your plug-in seems like it might make selecting by color easier. However, clicking on produces "Object not found! Error 404".

Do you know if your plug-in works with GIMP 2.9?


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