Re: [Gimp-developer] Neon Edge Detection Filter

Hi David,

On  16.2.2016 at 6:58 AM Rosenthal, David wrote:
I am getting some unusual results sometimes when i use the Neon Edge
Detection Filter parameters: 9, 3.0

I couldn't reproduce the filter with these parameters.
Reading your post one year ago I guess you mean (9, 0.3), don't you?

Is there someone I could correspond directly with to send an example
original photo and the processed one.

You're right here on this list. Another way is our IRC channel #gimp.
To refer to your examples please upload them to an image hoster, e.g.
Imgur, and post the link here or in IRC.

[...many lines of cited but unrelated text...]

If you use the Reply feature in your mail client, please make sure to
cut out the text that doesn't belong to your issue.



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