Re: [Gimp-developer] webp format?

On 08/21/2016 06:01 AM, Owen Cook wrote:
I noticed in the latest git a lot of stuff which suggests that gimp should open webp, and export to webp.

Is this correct, and if so how do you activate it. Currently I get "Unknown file type" on opening, and webp 
is not in the list of export formats.

On a possibly related note, libwebp-0.4.2 is installed on my system (Gentoo Linux), but when configuring GIMP this message is printed to the terminal: WebP: no (WebP not found)

Thinking 0.4.2 might be too old, I downloaded libwebp-0.5.1 from, and installed it in /usr/local, and then re-installed babl/gegl/libmypaint/gimp starting from "./". But GIMP still isn't finding WebP. GEGL finds WebP, but GIMP doesn't.

Is there some other library that might be required before GIMP can find WebP on the system? Or a magic command that says "look here"?


In case it's relevant, here's the configuration summary from compiling libwebp-0.5.1:

WebP Configuration Summary

Shared libraries: yes
Static libraries: yes
Threading support: yes
libwebp: yes
libwebpdecoder: no
libwebpdemux: no
libwebpmux: no
libwebpextras: no

cwebp : yes
   Input format support
   JPEG : yes
   PNG  : yes
   TIFF : yes
   WIC  : no
dwebp : yes
   Output format support
   PNG  : yes
   WIC  : no
GIF support : yes
anim_diff   : no
gif2webp    : no
webpmux     : no
vwebp       : no

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