Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP 2.9.x AppImage for testing

I'll be happy to test on Ubuntu 16.04


On 5 Aug 2016 10:00 am, "Carmelo DrRaw" <aferrero1975 gmail com> wrote:

Last night I have prepared a first appimage for testing. It contains:

- BABL, GEGL and GIMP from git
- all default mypaint brushes
- G’MIC plug-in from version 1.7.5_pre (latest available)
- PhotoFlow plug-in for opening and processing RAW images

* Link to the AppImage:

The usage is very simple:

- download the appimage anywhere on your disk
- make the .AppImage file executable with chmod u+x
- run the .AppImage file from the console

Any feedback is highly appreciated...

On 04 Aug 2016, at 18:47, Karl-Heinz Zimmer <khzimmer gmail com> wrote:

Hi Carmelo,

I am interesting in testing the appimage, my system: OpenSUSE Leap 42.1


2016-08-04 12:54 GMT+02:00 Carmelo DrRaw <aferrero1975 gmail com>:
Dear all,

I am working on an AppImage recipe that gets BABL, GEGL libmypaint and
GIMP from git, compiles them and bundles them into a portable AppImage.
Is there any volunteer for testing the experimental gimp appimage and
give feedback? If yes, please specify which distribution will be used for

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